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ATmega32A-PU микроконтроллер 8-Бит, AVR, 16МГц, 32КБ Flash, PDIP-40

ATmega32A-PU микроконтроллер 8-Бит, AVR, 16МГц, 32КБ Flash, PDIP-40
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ATmega32A-PU микроконтроллер 8-Бит, AVR, 16МГц, 32КБ Flash, PDIP-40

The ATMEGA32A-PU is a 8-bit low power, high performance AVR RISC-based Microcontroller Unit featuring 32kB self-programming flash program memory, 2kB SRAM, 1kB EEPROM, 8 channel 10-bit A/D converter and JTAG interface for on-chip-debug. The device achieves 16 MIPS throughput at 16Mhz. The Atmel® AVR® core combines a rich instruction set with 32 general purpose working registers. All the 32 registers are directly connected to the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), allowing two independent registers to be accessed in one single instruction executed in one clock cycle. The resulting architecture is more code efficient while achieving throughputs up to ten times faster than conventional CISC microcontrollers. The On-chip ISP Flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in-system through an SPI serial interface, by a conventional non-volatile memory programmer or by an On-chip Boot program running on the AVR core.

• Advanced RISC architecture
• 131 Powerful instructions
• Fully static operation
• Up to 16MIPS throughput at 16MHz
• On-chip 2-cycle multiplier
• High endurance non-volatile memory segments
• Optional boot code section with independent lock bits
• In-system programming by on-chip boot program
• True Read-While-Write operation
• Programming lock for software security


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